Falls Park Farmers Market — Imported From Campaign

Falls Park Farmers Market Ad

It’s all about locally grown produce. For many years the Falls Park Farmers Market has challenged us to get big impact with very small budget. One season, we created a series of print ads, animated internet banner ads, and email blasts to remind everyone that the produce they sell at the Market is all grown…

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SculptureWalk — Arc of Dreams

Arc of Dreams Sioux Falls

To say Jim was involved in the Arc of Dreams project is a bit of an understatement. He was chair of the SculptureWalk board when the project started so it’s his signature on the original contract with creator/artist Dale Lamphere. Jim was involved in the fundraising, marketing, and messaging throughout the project. And just before…

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CarHop — 2022 Point of Sale Posters

The posters in the CarHop stores were looking pretty dated and faded, so we worked with their internal team to create a whole new package with bright colors, smiling faces and fun new messages. Even their CEO said they looked great!   

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CarHop — Next Generation Creative

CarHop No Fees Poster

Having worked with CarHop for more than 20 years, we guided them through many creative changes including a name change and new logo. After months of research, focus groups, and dozens of creative options, we developed the CarHop Next Generation package. We worked with CarHop to develop a series of commercials that took The CarHop…

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Delta Dental of South Dakota — Sugar Display

Delta Dental Sugar Display

Do you know how much sugar is in your food and drinks? We helped Delta Dental of South Dakota educate people with a fun Donut Abacus that shows the amount of sugar in common foods measured by mini donuts. It’s a fun way to learn and kids love playing with this interactive display. These have…

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Let’s Go Jo — Campaign Logo

Let’s Go Jo was the battle cry for Jolene Loetscher’s mayoral campaign in 2018.  All political candidates need to convey a confident, capable presence. They need to tell you who they are and what they stand for and sum all that up with a strong, memorable logo. We created this mark to represent an energetic…

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Bechtold Jewelry Logo Design

Bechtolds Jewelry Logo Design

After 100 years of selling fine jewelry in Downtown Sioux Falls, Bechtold’s was ready for a brand refresh. At the time, Annie Bechtold had stumbled across a couple of examples of her grandfather’s signatures and suggested they might be the perfect inspiration for the new logo. We think it looks pretty good on the front…

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RMHC® of Siouxland — Round for the House

Round for the House image

When the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Siouxland told us they were hosting their first charity golf tournament, we eagerly stepped in to help spread the word. With an animated TV spot, a fun radio commercial, and a print ad in the local paper, we helped the Sioux City House earn $40,000 that year. Plus,…

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South Dakota Department of Health — Bestfeeding

Bestfeeding Brochure

We worked on a large project for the South Dakota Department of Health to create materials and ads to encourage moms to breast feed and to improve awareness of the benefits of breast feeding to businesses. The campaign had several components targeting moms, their support partners, the medical community, and business owners in the state.…

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Augustana — Rattle and Hum

Augustana Rattle and Hum

Augustana in Sioux Falls wanted to hold a big celebration for all the donors that made their Momentum Augustana fundraising campaign possible, while also launching their next campaign. The event and its materials needed to reflect the visionary and ambitious nature the university was founded on, and which continues today with the help of alumni…

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