3eEncore.com Website Design & Advertising

3eEncore Digital Ad

When the Washington Pavilion team was looking to build a new ticketing website, they reached out to our friends at Hartman Technology. When they needed someone to design the website and help with the marketing and launch, they called us. We designed the 3eEncore.com website, digital ads, outdoor, and TV. For the TV we enlisted…

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CorTrust Mortgage and Home Equity

CorTrust Bank Home Equity and Mortgage

With interest rates rising, housing availability shrinking and costs rising, CorTrust needed a little boost for their mortgage business. At the same time, many large banks are getting out of the Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) business. This created a great opportunity for a strong, community bank like CorTrust to stand out in the…

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First Adventure Learning Centers – 10 Year Anniversary

When First Adventure Learning Centers was celebrating 10 years of outstanding child care and early learning here in Sioux Falls, they asked ADwerks to help with a video to show how they had grown. We created a fun series of videos that helped to recruit new teachers to their team, as well a 10th anniversary…

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Weller Brothers Logo

Weller Brothers Landscaping Logo

With the Weller Brothers Landscaping logo design we created a clean classy look for first-class landscape professionals. As Weller Brothers grew from a small, two-guys-and-a-truck landscaping company to a full service landscape design, build and maintenance company, it was time for their logo to evolve as well. This clean and elegant logo represents the high-quality…

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CorTrust — Inflatable Pig

When CorTrust Bank was opening a new branch, they wanted to attract some attention. So we suggested a big, purple, inflatable piggy bank. And to quote their VP of Marketing “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but order that giant, purple pig!” A few weeks later we were standing in front this beauty and she…

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CorTrust — Best Bank in South Dakota

Our friends CorTrust Bank won the honor of being named Best Bank in South Dakota for 2019 and 2020 by Forbes Magazine. We helped them with a little humble-brag including new TV, stickers for customers and fans, banners for their lobbies, and feather banners for outside the branches. We’re proud to say they’ve been our…

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CorTrust Bank — Lighten Up!

CorTrust Bank - Lighten Up Campaign

After a couple of years of running image building ads, CorTrust needed a campaign that would put mortgages on the books and drive new customers to open checking accounts. They called ADwërks. We created a new simple, clean, graphic look that used their strong purple, green, and white color palette. What started with billboards, a…

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CarHop — Logo and Brand Work

CarHop Logo

We worked with CarHop for a long time. How long? Well, since before we were ADwërks and they were CarHop. We helped them chose the name, created their logo, their jingle, their point-of-sale materials, website, and TV since the beginning.  And for many years, their on-air spokesman The CarHop Guy was played by our very…

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DGR Engineering — Rebrand

DGR Engineering consulted us for help with rebranding their company. The first item on the agenda? A name change. For 60 years they had been known as Dewild, Grant, Reckert and Associates, named after their founding partners. Since those names no longer had a connection or relevance to clients and the employee-owned engineering firm, we…

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Washington Pavilion — More Space Campaign

Washington Pavilion - More Space

File this under “Oldie, but goodie.” When you were a kid, all it took to be a rocket-flying spaceman was a pasta strainer on your head, an empty cardboard box, and a little imagination. When the Washington Pavilion opened its Air and Space Exhibits at the Kirby Science Center, we knew a vintage-themed commercial reminding…

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