Yelling ≠ A Conversation

Picture this. You’re walking down the street; there are strangers in suits on both sides of the road,  holding up their products and shouting at you in a barbaric attempt to get your attention. TheAngry-businessman-yelling-into-bullhornidea of hopping the fence in order to get closer to you never occurs to them. After awhile you become desensitized to the brutish noise, with the exception of the occasional voice that’s even louder and more annoying than the others. Then a smart, down-to-Earth person climbs over the fence, casually approaches you, and engages in pleasant conversation with you.

Now THAT is how you advertise.

This scenario is how I sometimes see the advertising world and all of its participants. If you were trying to establish a relationship with someone in society, you wouldn’t just scream at them to get noticed would you? This kind of attention-grabbing is impersonal and unappealing to people, and like in the metaphor above, would come across as crazy. You want to be that down-to-Earth person who is legitimately interested in having a real, human conversation with the individual. Listen to them; get to know them; converse with them. You have some interesting things to say and so do they. From sincere, productive conversations come sincere, new relationships. And after all, relationships are what we’re after.

I know it can be tempting to yell. With all the noise around, one’s first instinct is to yell louder than everyone else. But instead of contributing to the noise, it’s more important to think strategically. Hop the fence, and treat your consumers like the individualistic humans they are.

That’s how we get the quality attention we’re looking for.


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