Trolley Time

If you’ve ever stepped foot on the Sioux Falls Downtown Trolley, then you know that it has the ability to transport you back in time. Not like the DeLorean in Back to the Future, but more like a revelation into the early 1900’s Cable-Car era, when streetcars operated in the historic pathways of downtown. Rows of wooden benches, enormous windows, brass pillars, and other vintage components provide an authentic interior to this modern replica. With stops located throughout historic downtown, it’s incredibly convenient for locals and tourists to hitch a ride. Alas, as summer winds down, so does the Downtown Trolley service. Business and community donations kept the historical street car rolling this year, and thanks to all the charitable people who supported the Trolley, it was another successful season for tourists and locals alike. Being located on the ‘Main’ drag gives us the opportunity to enjoy a piece of history, from our vast windows and by catching a lift.
Come venture downtown to enjoy the last full week of looping the inner-city streets in style. Since the Trolley is like clockwork, you have the flexibility and leisure to plan your day doing casual activities or exploring. And, if our calculations are correct, when this Baby hits 88MPH, you’re going to see some serious…Sorry, we’re still thinking about Back to the Future. 

Happy Travels,

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