The Nightmare on Main Street

Jim’s ghosts are roaming eight to five,

Dead at Work

And coffee makes them come alive.

The agency now gleams with fright,

Ready for this haunting night.

Married to the handsome Devil,

Kara’s the queen of office revel.

With black magic and a bottle of Boos,

Carol does the work of two.

Back in the office of Sleepy Hollow,

Kirsten summons those that follow.

Despite any competition Hocus Pocus,

Kitchen turned Dungeon

Tyler keeps the client in focus,

And if ideas start falling flat,

Sara’s got a spell for that.

Resting witch-face and potions flying,

Nikki’s magic is copy writing.

Lurking around like Frankenstein,

Mike’s the monster of design.

Beware, if you see a smiling zombie,

Know Caryla’s finally had her coffee.

Office Dungeon

And after Sarah’s cast her media spell,

Her dark magic has results to tell,

Which will summon Kristi from her lair,

To find the best time on the air.

Foreseeing numbers through her crystal ball,

Heather never lets advertising fall.

After Jolene’s mastered her witches’ brew,

She’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too.

So, pick your poison, Trick or Beer,

It’s a Monster Mash when Tonic’s here.

Beware of Zombie in the Basement

Beware of Zombies in the Basement

Follow us if you dare (just not in clown masks; that sh*t is creepy)



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