Why Less Is More

Why Less Is More Mar 18, 2011

Less is MoreThere’s a reason people constantly use the expression “less is more.”

Because it’s true.

If a marketing piece can make its point in 3 words, why waste people’s time and effort by making them read 15? If a website only needs a few clean, simple pages to accomplish its goal, why load it down with 20 widgets, links and action items?

Each day, a marketer’s ability to catch a customer’s attention gets slimmer and slimmer. So when you actually do get a customer’s attention, you better make sure your marketing gets the point across quickly and powerfully.

I could probably spend a few more paragraphs explaining this further, but I might as well stop here. As we all know, less is more.

-Mike B.

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Let The Creativity Flow

Full flowAs a marketing agency, a lot of our success at ADwërks relies on creativity. Other keys to success include hard work, industry knowledge, caffeine, more hard work and a shared love of humor, but creativity plays one of the biggest roles.

The tricky thing about creativity is that it’s dangerously easy to think you’re being too creative. Fantastic ideas get tossed around in a brainstorming session until someone inevitably asks “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something like that?” And with that question, the conversation can head down one of two paths.

The first path is the one we try to avoid at all costs. On that path, the reply to “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something like that?” is “Yeah, but there’s no way that would fit in this budget” or “That would be fun, but you know the client would never go for it.” The discussion comes back down to a more “reasonable” line of thought and creativity takes a back seat to practicality.

Then there’s the other path…the path where creativity roams freely without a care in the world. On that path, the response to “Wouldn’t it be great if wecould do something like that?” is simply, “Why not?”

Two simple words that make all the difference in the world.

Because when you take the “Why not?” approach, you’ll find that the usual “problems” can often be solved with creativity.

  • Maybe a client can’t afford the Hawaiian Escape Giveaway Package, but the team comes up with an equally-as-creative, humorous Local Escape Giveaway Package featuring more cost-efficient deals from local retailers.
  • Maybe a client won’t go for the fully-revamped website, but the next idea is an exciting splash page that achieves a similar effect with less effort.
  • TV spot or print ad concept a bit too edgy for traditional media? Develop a social media campaign around the idea and see where the online world takes it.

Plain and simple, that’s why we love creativity. It’s the best way to solve the problems our clients face. And if we’ve solved their problems, we’ve done our job.

So let the creativity flow. When you do, the solutions should come flowing right along with it.

Photo by paumurp. Thanks!