ADwërks’ Fantastical Office Tree Decorating Contest

We ADwërkers aren’t exactly known for our Holiday spirit, heck, Andrew hasn’t even 6started his Christmas shopping yet. Our idea of Holiday spirit is more along the lines of drinking a glass of distilled spirits in December.

But a comedy of errors left us with a bunch of extra 18-inch Christmas trees with no purpose – destined to spend eternity in our basement collecting dust and the occasional floodwater, never to experience ornaments hung on their branches or the joy in the eyes of a child as he opens his gifts on Christmas morning, and that was kind of depressing, even for Mike.

So we decided to turn a bah humbug into a yule log (don’t even know what that means) and hold our very own office Christmas tree decorating contest, because a little more Holiday spirit isn’t going to kill us.

Each ADwërker received a little tree at his or her desk to decorate, but with a catch – we could only use the items in our office space to decorate our trees, whether it be paper clips, post-it notes, even that half-eaten granola bar stuck to the bottom of the drawer in the filing cabinet was fair game.

So we went to work on our trees, and now we need your help to determine a winner. To vote, go to our photos folder on Facebook HERE and like or comment on whichever tree you think is best, and then we’ll post the winner. Polls are open now through December 15.