Announcing Our Newest Kool-Aid Drinker

ADwërks has managed to not scare off a newcomer; she even read our not-so- Nicole4Blogpolitically-correct holiday letter before being hired and she still willingly joined us – miraculous.

Nicole Townswick has joined the ADwërks crew as Post Master, which means she’ll work as a social and digital media strategist for one of our largest accounts, McDonald’s. She’ll be the primary person managing and posting on the social media accounts for McDonald’s restaurants. She’ll also be analyzing data and insights to help determine and refine content and strategy.

Nicole has a Journalism Degree with an Advertising Emphasis from South Dakota State University, and she has a great background in social media. She worked as a Public Relations and Communications Manager at Volunteers of America, Dakotas, where she managed their social media accounts. She also worked at Habitat for Humanity, SD where she did grant writing and social media, and on top of that she has done some freelance social media work as well.

“I’m thrilled to be a new member of the ADwërks team,” said Nicole. “I look forward to using my skills and experience to advance the social media strategy for the restaurants, the Co-ops and the McDonald’s brand.”

When she’s not at work, the self-proclaimed “boring person” enjoys volunteering, running, and kickboxing, you know, pretty run-of-the-mill stuff.

“When Nicole told me she was a kick-boxer, I felt like I had to hire her or she’d kick-box my ass!” said Jim Mathis, ADwërks President and Certified Advertologist™.

We’re confident that Nicole will be an excellent addition to our team, and we look forward to her future here at ADwërks. Feel free to help us welcome her aboard!

ADwërks Successfully Clones Kara

Of course by “cloning,” we mean that we hired an equally skilled and hardworking person Caryla-for-blogto take over some of Kara’s workload.

Caryla Chambers has joined ADwërks as our Cog Whisperer. Her main duty (ha, duty…) is to coordinate and manage all of ADwërks’ production work for McDonald’s, guiding it from creation to completion, and making sure that it is produced and delivered efficiently, correctly and on time. Additionally, Caryla will oversee the production work for ADwërks’ other clients, which includes updating the daily job sheet and ensuring that each project is progressing on schedule. In other words, if the creative team is wasting time drawing pictures of Batman and watching cat gifs when they’re supposed to be working on a project that’s due in two hours, Caryla will lay the smack down.

Caryla has been in the advertising business for more than 30 years, and over that time she has accumulated an impressive amount of experience. Heck, she was laying the smack down before The Rock grew into his speedos. She worked as a production manager at Lawrence & Schiller for over 14 years, she was a traffic manager at Avera for over five years, and she was a production/traffic manager at LodgeNet for nine years, to name a few.

Caryla was born and raised right here in Sioux Falls, but she has kicked around a bit, including a stint in Minneapolis and taking up residence in Missoula and Bozeman, Montana, but ultimately family brought her back to South Dakota.

The self-proclaimed workaholic (an addiction that is fueled by another addiction – coffee), still manages to find time doing the things she loves, which includes spending time with her husband Dar, her two beloved cats, and spoiling her 7-year-old granddaughter. Caryla also enjoys gardening, drawing and painting. Plus, as a dedicated Cirque du Soleil fan and art buff, she travels the region to attend every show and gallery possible.

We’re confident that Caryla will be an excellent fit for our team and our clients, and we look forward to her future here at ADwërks. Feel free to help us welcome her aboard!

ADwërks Media Team Gets More Experty

Our team of expert media professionals has gotten even more experty with a brand new ADwërker!

Kristi Cornette, our new Pilot of the Airwaves, will work as a traditional media buyer for our 0_2013-03-14_Kristi-Cornette_018_SaraCam_Fix_Flat_Croppedlargest account CarHop, handling mostly TV and print. She’ll work alongside Monique Lupkes, our OTHER traditional buyer for CarHop, and together they’ll conquer the many CarHop markets across the country, riding the airwaves to true media glory.

Kristi has been in advertising for 22 years, and she’s been buying media for 16 years. Her agency experience is bountiful, including employment at Barkley in Kansas City, MO, where she bought for Sonic (not the hedgehog), Valentine Radford, also in Kansas City, where she bought for Pizza Hut, and closer to home, Nichols Media, where she bought for various clients in the auto industry.

When she’s not piloting the airwaves, Kristi enjoys spending time with her family, which is comprised of her husband Michael, 10-year-old son Cooper, and their dog Scout. Together they enjoy having movie nights, watching TV and just hanging out as a family. The Cornettes have recently returned to Sioux Falls after temporarily living in Missoula, MT and Kansas City, MO, but they’re glad to be back.

Although this is the first time she has worked at ADwërks, it’s not her first encounter with the Mathi. Kristi has known Jim and Kara for about 18 years, and she and her husband actually used to live five doors down from the Mathis household. Is that why you moved away Kristi? Nonetheless, we’re happy you came back.

Based on her mad media skills, good experience and great personality, we know Kristi will make an excellent addition to our team. Please feel free to help us welcome her aboard!

Announcing The Newest ADwërker

Every office has one. You know, one of those types… an office manager, and ADwërks has a brand new one!

Jane Spreacker (pronounced sprecker) has joined ADwërks as Zen Mother. In her new role she will seek office enlightenment by handling duties like expense reports, filing, payroll, billing, answering phones etc. That may seem like a lot, but as Zen Mother, Jane understands that one must manage the office, rather than be managed by the office.

Along with her friendly personality and awesome sense of humor, Jane brings a ton of work experience to ADwërks as well, including six years as administrative assistant at the Sioux Falls School District, and more appropriately 10 years as office manager at Lawrence & Schiller, where she first worked with fellow ADwërker Kara Mathis.

Jane has two daughters that are out of the house, and one husband in the house, and together they reside right here in Sioux Falls. When she’s not at work Jane spends her free-time engaged in her favorite past-times, reading and gardening.

Jane fits in well with the ADwërks culture, and we’re happy to have her on the team. Apparently she feels the same way. She said, “I’m so excited to be back in advertising that I’m giddy; I could just dance!” And we’re excited to have you here Jane. We’d dance too, but you probably don’t want to see that.

Feel free to help us welcome her aboard!

New ADwërker On the Block

If you were to walk into ADwërks today, you’d be greeted by a new face at the front desk, and no, it’s not Andrew playing dress-up. The face’s name is LeAnn Erickson, and she’s our new Playground Monitor.

Playground Monitor is code for handling all those things we tend to think just magically happens, e.g. expense reports, filing, payroll, billing, and most importantly, keeping our snacks and beverages well-stocked! You don’t want to see Jim when he runs out of Diet Coke. So essentially, she’ll be making sure the office gears are turning in harmony.

LeAnn graduated from Augustana College with a BA in Communications, and brings a plethora of work experience to ADwërks including accounting, trafficking (at KSFY), and she even used to own and run a video production company with her husband. But perhaps the most interesting is LeAnn’s experience acting in CarHop commercials. About 12 years ago LeAnn’s husband produced a CarHop spot for ADwërks, and LeAnn and her daughter actually starred in the commercial!

LeAnn and her family (comprised of herself plus one husband and two daughters) live in Brandon, so she gets to commute to Sioux Falls every day. As a family, the Ericksons just like to spend quality time together, from shooting hoops, to baking cupcakes and cookies, to volunteering for their church.

We’re happy to call LeAnn an ADwërker; feel free to join us in welcoming her to the crew!

– ADwërks

Meet Our Newest ADwërker

When ADwërkers are cautioned to be on their best behavior, it can only mean two things –  either the police are coming, or a new person has joined the staff. This time a new person has joined the staff.

Monique Lupkes (pronounced lup-kiss) joins ADwërks as our Air and Space Engineer. She will be taking over the media buying and planning for one of our largest accounts. Which may sound a little intimidating, but based on Monique’s education and work experience, we’re confident she can handle it.

After earning a degree in public relations from the University of Minnesota, Monique went on to gain over 4 years of media buying and marketing experience before coming to ADwërks. So yeah, she knows a thing or two about GRPs and CPPs.

Not only is Monique now a full-time media buyer at ADwërks, she’s also a full-time mom. She and her husband have two young boys (2 years and 6 months old). Together they enjoy camping, boating, fishing, and visiting zoos and museums. In addition, Monique has an affinity for baking, grilling and drinking wine, sometimes doing all three at once. Yeah, she’ll fit in…

We’re excited to have Monique at ADwërks, so feel free to join us in welcoming her to the crew!

– Andrew

Announcing the Newest ADwërker!

No it’s not a playmate for Monday, or another mascot to keep Rod Bender company, ADwërks has hired a real human!

Please join us in welcoming Elizabeth Schaefer, our new Disruption Control Specialist. Elizabeth, or “E,” as she has come to be known around the office (What? It’s easier to type!) will be working as our traffic manager, keeping all of us other ADwërkers on task – a task that is, well, no easy task. The obstacles are endless: Hay’s favorite smelly snack mix, Andrew’s bad puns, Jim’s random break-outs into song, the list goes on.

Of her many duties, her primary duty is to make sure the many projects for our several clients remain organized, on-schedule, and on-task. So if Leigh has yet to proof a radio script that needs to go out in an hour, it’s Elizabeth’s job to crack the whip and make sure it gets done. She will also be leading our status meetings, updating the job sheet, doling out assignments, and requesting verbal status reports on projects. I won’t go into what happens if your status report is… unsatisfactory… Even the boss is subjected to Elizabeth’s task managing!

Elizabeth is originally from Hancock, Minnesota, where she was born and raised on a large farm. Although she has now moved to the big city of Sioux Falls, agriculture still runs in her blood. The combination of her interests in marketing and agriculture led her to an internship at Paulsen Marketing in the summer of 2010, where she had the opportunity to experience many areas of the agency. Then in May of 2011, she graduated at Augustana College with a degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing.

Outside of advertising and agriculture, Elizabeth’s interests include:

  • Knitting
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Reading
  • And being totally pumped about getting to bike to work from her new apartment in central Sioux Falls.

We’re very excited to have Elizabeth and her talents here at ADwërks, and judging by all the sniffing, Monday is too. Have any whip-cracking tips for her?

– Andrew