What Macho Man Randy Savage Taught Me About Business

Macho ManAs a childhood fan of professional wrestling, I was more than a little sad to hear the news a few weeks ago that “Macho Man” Randy Savage had passed away. One of my all-time favorites growing up (as my multiple Macho Man action figures can attest to), Macho Man brought a flair and excitement to his matches that other wrestlers just didn’t have. He was more than just “a pro wrestler.”

After thinking about what made him more than just a pro wrestler, I realized what made Macho Man so unique (and how it can apply to the business world).

Plain and simple, Macho Man had personality. Lots of it. Whether he was flying through the air in neon green tights or “snappin’ into a Slim Jim” in a loud and over-the-top Slim Jim commercial, Macho Man capitalized on his entertaining personality in order to make his footprint in pop culture history.

The question is, does your business have a personality like that? A personality that puts a smile on people’s faces and gets them excited about what gets you excited? And if it does have that kind of personality, how are you showing it off to the world?

That’s the beauty of smart advertising. It gives you a chance to highlight your business’s personality in a way that draws a customer in and makes them want to be a part of your passion. Advertising shows them what makes you unique, and it does so with a purpose.

Having a personality sets you apart. It makes you memorable. Don’t let the opportunity to show off that personality pass you by. You may not need to show it off with pink and green tights like Macho Man, but you’d be surprised at how well you can share your business’s passion and personality with just a little bit of advertising.

Oooohhh yeahhhh! Dig it!

-Mike B.