A Life Insurance Ad That Will Haunt Your Dreams

The following ad contains a scene that is spine-chilling and disturbing in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

The horror, the ungodly horror! This… this, thing… is one of the creepiest ads I’ve ever seen, and it’s about life insurance, of all things.

The headline is one synonym away from what people put on gravestones. It’s exactly what the creepy lady in the Lazy-Boy would whisper to you in the middle of the night as she rocks back and forth in the corner of your room. “Sleep in peace dear; it’s time to put that life insurance policy to good use (cackle cackle).”

And then, there’s the hand — that disfigured, unholy, inhuman hand – gently stroking the other one as she plots to free you from your earthly existence with her knitting needles.

Despite its flaws, I guess this ad did get me thinking about my own mortality, which I suppose is the point. After all, you never know when a demented granny with a blood-thirsty grin will sneak into your house in the middle of the night and strangle you with the same yarn she used to make mittens for her grandson little Timmy. So I was able to get a life insurance policy for just $27 a month!

– Andrew