ADwërks Acquires Advanced Intern Technology

To assist with our summer workload, ADwërks has acquired the coolest, most cutting-edge and advanced intern technology of modern times – a human, named Catherine Schuller.

Catherine Schuller

Catherine Schuller

Catherine will be spending her summer at ADwërks, where she’ll be interning under our McDonald’s Account Supervisor Leigh Anglin. Her duties will include working on market research, consumer insights and anything else Leigh puts her up to.

The Sibley, Iowa native is a Senior Advertising Major and Classical Studies Minor at Iowa State University. As a student she has already gained some great advertising experience as an Ad Director for her college’s student-run publication, Trend Magazine, where she delegated cold calling and ad sales. Completion of her internship at ADwërks will not only provide her with even more experience before entering the job world, it will also fulfill a school requirement and allow her to graduate upon completing the fall 2013 semester.

Just days before starting her internship, Catherine returned from a three-week long expedition in Greece, where she traveled the country and attended a global seminar as a part of her Classical Studies Minor.

Outside of school and advertising, Catherine enjoys golfing, watching television (specifically the drama genre), making Andrew jealous by having a black belt in Taekwondo, and collecting salt and pepper shakers. And no it’s not because she has a weird passion for condiments, it’s more about appreciating and collecting the most interesting and creative shakers she can find. So far she has over 70 pairs in her collection, including a replica set from Alcatraz.

We’re excited to have Catherine here for the summer. If you want to welcome her or give her some career advice, leave a comment below!

–          Andrew

Announcing The Intern Prodigy, Andrew Eide

Andrew (for blog post) v2ADwërks is excited to announce the arrival of our newest employee, Andrew Eide. Andrew has joined the team in the highly-coveted role of ADwërks Summer Intern and his official title is “The Intern Prodigy,” which is very fitting based on what we expect Andrew to accomplish over the summer.

Andrew’s job will include copywriting, social media management and account services, so he’ll certainly be busy over the next few months. As intimidating as that sounds, we’re confident Andrew can handle it all and more.

The Intern Prodigy is from Madison, SD and currently lives in Brookings, SD. He got his first degree from SDSU in Consumer Affairs (with a Business minor) and he will also have a degree in Advertising upon completion of his internship. Our job is to make sure all of Andrew’s schooling doesn’t go to waste.

According to Andrew, “The most important reason I’m excited about this internship isn’t necessarily working with one client or working on one campaign, but the experience of diving into the pool of advertising with a real advertising agency.”

In this year’s National Student Advertising Competition, Andrew’s team earned a second place finish and only lost by something like ½ a point, so he knows a thing or two about advertising already, even if he is just a student.

On the personal side of thing, Andrew’s non-work interests include:

    • Astronomy – He’d like to become an amateur astronomer someday…which in his words means he “just wants to get a telescope.”
    • Music – Andrew has been in bands in the past and he currently operates his own solo music project—mostly through Facebook—where he uploads his music, videos and designs. (Andrew has also requested that you not judge him for the low number of Likes on the page.

    • The paranormal – Mostly from a scientific standpoint, not necessarily the “who ya gonna call?” standpoint.

We’re excited to have Andrew with us this summer and we welcome you to welcome him when you have a chance. If you want to ask him any questions or anything, feel free to leave a comment below!