Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Campaign

Being a Girl Scout is much more than just selling cookies. The program offers young girls GSDH HiResa world of new experiences and opportunities, empowering them with the confidence to do almost anything, even making a commercial. That was the idea behind the public service announcements (PSAs) ADwërks and Mud Mile teamed up to produce for Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons.

First we had to put together a group of Girl Scouts from around the Midwest to star in the PSAs, so we sent out a request for submissions. Any Girl Scout who wanted to be in the spots just had to send us a video containing whatever content they wanted. Some told us why they wanted to be in the PSAs, others introduced us to their families and pets, and one little girl even launched a rocket into the sky. She made the cut, obviously.

Once our stars were selected, we scheduled a production day here in Sioux Falls, and the day was jam-packed. After the girls got their hair and make-up professionally done, they learned about the field of advertising and what the motive was behind the PSAs we were about to make. They also got a rundown of the video production equipment, from the green screen, to the cameras, to the lights and the audio, so that they could run the equipment when we were ready to shoot.

After a long day of shooting, the girls were sent on their way. To thank them for their participation we sent them home with a goodie-bag that included their very own movie clapboard, which was probably the most popular gadget among the girls on the set.

The day gave us enough footage to make three different PSAs, and we’re pretty proud of how they turned out. Check them out below

Along with the PSAs we also produced a billboard, some radio spots, and did some work for their website.

– Andrew