Announcing the Newest ADwërker!

No it’s not a playmate for Monday, or another mascot to keep Rod Bender company, ADwërks has hired a real human!

Please join us in welcoming Elizabeth Schaefer, our new Disruption Control Specialist. Elizabeth, or “E,” as she has come to be known around the office (What? It’s easier to type!) will be working as our traffic manager, keeping all of us other ADwërkers on task – a task that is, well, no easy task. The obstacles are endless: Hay’s favorite smelly snack mix, Andrew’s bad puns, Jim’s random break-outs into song, the list goes on.

Of her many duties, her primary duty is to make sure the many projects for our several clients remain organized, on-schedule, and on-task. So if Leigh has yet to proof a radio script that needs to go out in an hour, it’s Elizabeth’s job to crack the whip and make sure it gets done. She will also be leading our status meetings, updating the job sheet, doling out assignments, and requesting verbal status reports on projects. I won’t go into what happens if your status report is… unsatisfactory… Even the boss is subjected to Elizabeth’s task managing!

Elizabeth is originally from Hancock, Minnesota, where she was born and raised on a large farm. Although she has now moved to the big city of Sioux Falls, agriculture still runs in her blood. The combination of her interests in marketing and agriculture led her to an internship at Paulsen Marketing in the summer of 2010, where she had the opportunity to experience many areas of the agency. Then in May of 2011, she graduated at Augustana College with a degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing.

Outside of advertising and agriculture, Elizabeth’s interests include:

  • Knitting
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Reading
  • And being totally pumped about getting to bike to work from her new apartment in central Sioux Falls.

We’re very excited to have Elizabeth and her talents here at ADwërks, and judging by all the sniffing, Monday is too. Have any whip-cracking tips for her?

– Andrew