134 Minutes as Jim Mathis

Not often you can justify spending several hours on a Saturday staring listlessly at the SyFy channel watching alien movie marathons, but all that time watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers proved its worth in 134 minutes. My 134 minutes as Jim Mathis.

I headed off to the South Dakota AdFed Chili Cook Off Contest last Thursday. With my bald cap in place (I couldn’t summon the courage to Britney Spears it and just bic my hair), vogue sweater vest (several sizes too big, stolen from the bottom of my husband’s closet, but still as sartorial as Ric Santorum or Ryan Tysdal) and big bowl of chili, the pot brimming with pork perfection, I set out to be Jim’s culinary copy, his sarcastic sous chef stand-in sans several inches. And in that two and almost a quarter hours, I realized pitching Three LIttle Pigs chili should be served with the same zest you pitch a client. Not everyone likes pork, just like not every client likes the creative we may pitch. But sometimes it’s just a bad taste from a mom who over-peppered pork chops, so a nibble or new presentation, makes it palatable.

When it comes to the recipe, remember the rules but add your own spice. The chili I dished up took a twist on the traditional, not just using so much pork you needed to do some extra push ups to pull the spoon up, but putting in that little extra (and no, not love… in this case, bacon, which is probably about the same thing). When working on projects, time-tested ideas can always work, but when we remember to make it just a little different, those ideas stand out from the others.

Did we win? No, tied for second. But the biggest lesson is, in the end you just need to be you. So while I spent 134 minutes as Jim Mathis, that time quickly came to an end when I ran into the gas station, bald cap burgeoning from the top of my head, and scared a small child. Probably best to stick to being a blonde with mediocre kitchen skills.

– Jolene

How YOU Can Help the AdStuds of AdFed’s Student Day

SDAFSD_logoblackWe just wanted to take a minute to point out that the South Dakota Advertising Federation will host Student Day on October 27, 2010. As part of that effort, some young and energetic advertising professionals have built a website for the event that lets students ask questions, find information, and get engaged with the local advertising community before Student Day arrives.

As one of the young and energetic advertising professionals helping out with this great effort, I wanted to make sure we at ADwërks did our part to pass along the website to anyone who might be interested. Whether you know a student interested in the marketing and advertising world or simply want to pass along a tweet about the AdStuds site/effort (@adstuds on Twitter), it would be awesome to have more people spread the word about this impactful event and the strong effort leading up to it.

If you have any questions about anything, drop me a line at mikeb@adwerks.com and I’ll be happy to help.

We now return to our blog’s regularly scheduled programming of marketing insight and opinions on advertising. Thanks!

-Mike B.