ADwërks Obtains The Most ADDYs


This was just the beginning.

The 48th annual ADDY Awards Show, which was held this past Saturday in Sioux Falls, was rife with cut-throat competition between ad agencies, but out of everyone else, ADwërks is proud to announce that we probably obtained the most ADDYs – the name of the signature drink at the event – leaving everybody else with egg on their face. We attribute this success to our strict and rigorous training, which involves shutting down the agency early every Friday to drink. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication, but after receiving this honor, we know that it was all worthwhile.

On a side note, we took home some bling too.

Best of Class Award – Advertising For the Arts & Sciences – Non-traditional Category

We took home two Gold ADDY Awards and the Best of Class in Advertising for the Artsphoto for the SculptureWalk X campaign we did last spring. We created big metal Xs and installed them on all of the sculpture stands downtown to spread the word about the SculptureWalk eXpo, which was being held to celebrate SculptureWalk’s 10th anniversary.

As Jim put it, “It pays to wake up in the middle of the night with an idea.”

Gold ADDY Award – Newspaper Category

Andrew missed the announcement of these awards because he was in the bathroom relieving himself of all the ADDYs he obtained earlier in the evening. But we received a Gold ADDY Award and four Silver ADDY Awards for the print campaigns we did for the Falls Park Farmers Market. A couple examples are below.



– Andrew

5 Reasons We Love The ADDYs

Addy_logo2Last weekend was the ADDYs, which means a bunch of marketing folks got dressed up, hoped to win an award or two, and generally celebrated each other’s company in the process. We at ADwërks did the same, so we figured we’d share with you guys a few reasons we enjoy the ADDYs so much.

1) Marketing, Advertising and Production People Unite!

The people of South Dakota’s marketing and advertising community (co-workers and competitors alike) all come together to celebrate really good work. Coexistence at its finest!

2) Fantastic Work (and Lots of It)

The ADDYs show off a smorgasbord of the region’s best work in numerous formats, which makes it truly inspiring to see the creativity coming out of this state.

3) A Look At the Legends

Each year the SDAF gives away a Creative Legacy Award and a Silver Medal Award. The Creative Legacy Award highlights creativity and celebrates the careers of the people who are the backbone of our creative community while the Silver Medal Award is “the highest honor bestowed upon an advertising practitioner by his or her peers.” Yeah…it’s a big deal. And the speeches are usually pretty fun too.

4) Sometimes Your Friends Win

This year ADwërks was thrilled to see some of our close friends and favorite agencies win ADDYs for their work. It’s a blast to work with—and occasionally compete against—folks who produce award winning stuff.

5) Sometimes YOU Win

As happy as we were to see friends win, we also didn’t mind winning a few ADDYs ourselves, including a Best of Class award and a pleasantly surprising Volunteer of the Year award, which was given to the agency as a whole rather than an individual for the first time. As our Certified Advertologist Jim Mathis said, “I was tickled pink by the ADDYs this year.”

All in all, there were plenty of reasons we enjoyed the 2011 ADDYs, and these were just five of them. We’d like to congratulate all of the winners at this year’s ADDY awards and say thanks to everyone in this region for continuing to inspire our creativity and for pushing us to improve on a daily basis.

For a full list of all of ADDYs winners, you can click this link. If you have any thoughts you’d like to add or any other congratulations you’d like to share, just leave a comment below.

-Mike B.