Revive it, Or Destroy It

Have you taken a trip to your business’s social media account lately? Does it feel like 8198_gas-station-vidal3an old, abandoned gas station isolated in the middle of nowhere? If your company, like many companies, is neglecting its social media account, then you may be turning potential customers away from your business. Either revive it, or destroy it.

Abandoned social media sites always strike me with a weird, forlorn, melancholy-type feeling, whether it’s a small business’s clearly unused Facebook fan page, or a long forgotten, yet once thriving MySpace band page. It’s almost depressing. Much like the feeling I get on a hot, dusty Sunday afternoon when I see an obsolete retail chain store (I won’t mention names) struggling for survival on the edge of town. This feeling is not the message you want to be sending to your current/potential customers. You’re telling them that your business has not modernized in society along with the rest of us; it is now obsolete, and is no longer relevant. If you absolutely CAN NOT keep it updated, then you should delete it immediately. Although I strongly recommend having an online presence (not just limited to your company’s website), its non-existence is better than portraying your business as a struggling retail chain store.

As for everyone else, it’s essential that you keep your social media accounts active and updated with information and posts. And if it applies to your business, you should always keep your photos, videos, and graphics flowing, utilize new apps, and keep your knowledge of the trends in technology and activity in social media updated.

If your social media accounts fail to bring in money/customers, that doesn’t necessarily mean your effort is a lost cause. There is still a long list of benefits your business will enjoy. A few being: you’re still offering people information about your company, you’re demonstrating to visitors that you’re modern and relevant, and you’re giving people an alternative way (maybe their favorite way) to communicate with you. Plus, you won’t be giving consumers that oddfeeling I was talking about earlier.

It is for these reasons that you must (cue echoey, booming voice) REVIVE IT, OR DESTROY IT.


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