Not to Brag: Part 1

This news is so exciting that we had to break it into two parts.  Our office is growing again. No, we didn’t add a third conference room, but we’re thinking maybe wMr. Ward Ertze should. We kicked things up a notch and brought in some accomplished talent to work directly with our valued clients. Ward Ertz accepted the position as Director of Client Services, and our clients will be thrilled to work side-by-side with him, creating strategic project plans, driving revenue growth, and building their businesses.

Ertz’s business background includes significant roles in organizational leadership and management, revenue and margin optimization, project management, P&L accountability, and admirable experience in advertising and marketing strategy.

We are so excited to have Ward here that we polished up our New Hire Orientation, which includes: the Office Tour, Icebreaker Challenge, Scavenger Hunt and New Hire Kit. Our new-and-improved Office Tour is a behind-the-scenes look at our two conference rooms, Carol’s office, newly-renovated printer area, and the hidden coal room. In the Icebreaker Challenge, introduce all the office technology and phone system, while trying not to break ADwërks. We encourage our new hire to participate in a self-guided Scavenger Hunt, for all his desk necessities and paper products. Ward passed this test with ease. Finally, our New Hire Kit includes a memorable ADwërks rocks glass, fashionable ADwërks hat, full access to our refrigerator, a guarantee we won’t tow your car from our parking lot.

Welcome to our playground, Ward.

P.S. We forgot to include in our handbook that all the discarded pictures from the New Hire photo shoot will be shown as entertainment at the Holiday Party.

Stay tuned for Not to Brag: Part 2, where we will share more exciting stuff happening at ADwërks!


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