Not Another “Go Digital” Lecture

You’d think people and businesses would be adapting to the Digital Age by now. Some have, but many still haven’t gotten the memo. Resistance to change almost seems to be wired into human DNA. So a lot of people, small business owners and companies alike, are in denial, and seem to think the Digital Age is just another passing fad. But if they want to succeed, that kind of thinking has to stop.

It’s not just about the technology; it’s about the consumer. Consumers are the reason businesses need to adapt to the digital/mobile movement in the first place. Why? Because consumers are living in the Digital Age, they’re embracing it, it’s where they can be reached, and it’s what they expect when they interact with businesses. And fully embracing the Digital Age doesn’t stop at setting up a Facebook Fan Page.

For example, I never carry cash, only a debit and credit card. Although I expect to make purchases with my cards, a lot of businesses miss out on my sale because they don’t have a card reader. I try to be proactive and grab some cash if I know I’m going to some place that doesn’t accept cards, but carrying cash just isn’t convenient for me, and many other people feel the same way. Therefore, we non-cash carriers sometimes end up just hoping a business will accept cards. How pathetic does that sound? “Please, please just let me buy something from you!”

If a business isn’t providing everything they can to make things easy on the customer, including the most convenient payment option out there (i.e. debit cards), then they’re missing out on sales. This goes for small businesses too. Their quality of service should compare to, if not surpass the quality of service of their larger competitors. Plus, making the debit card option available is easier than ever before. It’s called the Square.

In this new digital era, the ability to accept cards is just one example of the many modern shopping conveniences consumers expect out of businesses. And that list will only increase in the future.

Consumers have much more say in how they shop than ever before. They call the shots, and they expect convenience. Are you going to give it to them? If not, someone else will.

So yes, go digital, but beyond that, go where the consumer takes you.

– Andrew

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