New ADwërker On the Block

If you were to walk into ADwërks today, you’d be greeted by a new face at the front desk, and no, it’s not Andrew playing dress-up. The face’s name is LeAnn Erickson, and she’s our new Playground Monitor.

Playground Monitor is code for handling all those things we tend to think just magically happens, e.g. expense reports, filing, payroll, billing, and most importantly, keeping our snacks and beverages well-stocked! You don’t want to see Jim when he runs out of Diet Coke. So essentially, she’ll be making sure the office gears are turning in harmony.

LeAnn graduated from Augustana College with a BA in Communications, and brings a plethora of work experience to ADwërks including accounting, trafficking (at KSFY), and she even used to own and run a video production company with her husband. But perhaps the most interesting is LeAnn’s experience acting in CarHop commercials. About 12 years ago LeAnn’s husband produced a CarHop spot for ADwërks, and LeAnn and her daughter actually starred in the commercial!

LeAnn and her family (comprised of herself plus one husband and two daughters) live in Brandon, so she gets to commute to Sioux Falls every day. As a family, the Ericksons just like to spend quality time together, from shooting hoops, to baking cupcakes and cookies, to volunteering for their church.

We’re happy to call LeAnn an ADwërker; feel free to join us in welcoming her to the crew!

– ADwërks

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