Jim’s Offbeat Voicemail Gets Upbeat Remix

It was about 3am when Jim’s phone dinged with a new voicemail. It was from an unknown man carrying on about how he loves our “Rocky’s” ads. In our minds, that can only mean two things – ads for the Rocky movies, which would make us way late to the party, or ads promoting the magnificence and majesty of the Rocky Mountains. Maybe the copy would read:

Unlike other mountain ranges, the Rocky Mountains offer a dramatic wilderness, diverse wildlife, and only a few people have had to resort to cannibalism to survive. Start your adventure today.

He then applauds us for our “Christmas ads,” then goes on to complain that we’ve been playing them for too long and he strongly encourages us to update them.

It’s odd to say the least.

But thanks to our friend Dar Heikes, musician and audio engineer (and also husband of our Cog Whisperer Caryla Chambers) we now have a remix of the mysterious voicemail. So rather than scratching our heads, we’re now tapping our feet.

And here’s the original.

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