Forget Comcast & Zappos – Let’s Help OUR Clients Shine

ZapposAs someone who has read plenty of marketing/social media blog posts and seen quite a few conference presentations and keynotes, I’m starting to get a little frustrated. Why? Because it seems like the ONLY examples of “great customer service through social media” that presenters have used over the past two years are Comcast and Zappos.

I recently watched yet another webinar in which those examples were used. Funny to me is the fact that Comcast has been used as an example for so long that Frank Eliason – the guy most people refer to in presentations for building Comcast’s online customer service reputation – doesn’t even work for them anymore.

So, if Comcast and Zappos are ALWAYS referenced in the presentations and keynotes of the “top” social media and marketing experts, why don’t those same experts have their own clients who have done praiseworthy work? If a marketer can pinpoint what it is that makes a company’s customer service remarkable, why aren’t his or her clients able to put that insight to good use?

As marketers, let’s spend less time citing worn out examples and more time making our clients stand out. Less time repeating what everyone else has said for the past 24 months and more time helping our clients become the nextworn-out examples of excellence.

There’s nothing wrong with citing a nationally-renowned example to make a point in our presentations. But if we can’t also mention our own client’s similar success in the same (or at least a similar) context, we’re not really proving our expertise.

It’s great to recognize examples of great work or great customer service. Let’s just make sure we can also help our clients provide an exemplary level of great work and great customer service.

Sound like a plan? Awesome.

-Mike B.

Photo by Nate Ritter. Thanks Nate!

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