Catty Clients

Insomnia can be insidious. You eventually learn about every type of beauty balm shopped by Photoshop-friendly ex-super models, the hottest trend in pint-sized grills and of course, the latest way to convert from couch potato to a lean, mean fitness machine. But the other night, I landed on another world… more like a fur, feather and fishy universe called Animal Planet and a rerun of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. Intrigued by the name, it pulled me in like catnip.

I learned about Duff, this puff of peaceful white that suddenly become a demon when brought home to its new owners. And teaching Duff to not mame, bite or amputate his owners became the challenge of Jackson Galaxy, also known as the cat whisperer.

But I started to realize cats like Duff can sometimes be all too similar to clients. The relationships start off with the best of intentions. Like taking Duff home, it all seems so picture perfect. But sometimes, within just a short time, the claws come out. While we may charm and put on the perfect smile to schmooze a client to sign with us, how often do we ask ourselves if it’s the right fight? Or as clients, figure out if the decision goes beyond the best bottom line numbers to personalities that work well together. To avoid an intervention with a crazy facial-haired cat whisperer, that’s where it becomes important to take a pause (or paws) and make sure that the people work so the work can do its work.

– Jolene

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