Captain Content DEFEATS Evil Geographic Limitations! – By Moving

August 5th marks the last day our heroic Captain Content (otherwise known as Mike Billeter) will be hand crafting marketing solutions at ADwërks.

He and his wife, Lindsie, are moving to Springfield, Missouri where she will pursue a degree in Christian counseling. Meanwhile, Captain Content will be scouring the city looking to protect advertising agencies from villainous marketing problems or to save them from treacherous writer’s block. In other words, he’s looking for a job.

The strategy he’s using for marketing himself to the Springfield job market speaks for his overall advertising and marketing skills – like his writing talent, creative strategies, and sturdy thoroughness (and much more). And as always, he throws in a dash of humor and a pinch of the Billeter wit. Perhaps the most interesting thing he’s done so far to market himself is launching this website where prospective employers can view his work/writing samples, look at his résumé, and most importantly, connect with him. And Mike draws them in right away with the headline, “Can you live with yourself if someone else hires him first?” – Brilliant, Mike.

ADwërks will truly miss Mike and all the talents and skills that are included in the Captain Content package. But we are confident that he will continue to succeed in his career and we wish him all the best. And to all of Mike’s prospective employers in Springfield, if you’d rather not receive a cake that says “” in icing, you can also reach him here,, and here,, oh, and here

Although Mike will no longer be employed by ADwërks, in a way, he will always be an ADwërker. Go get ‘em Mike!

– Andrew

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