ADwërks Implements Groundbreaking Interoffice Communication System

It all started when Jim was trying to get Andrew’s attention. Their offices are kitty-corner from each other, separated by a walkway and cubicle walls. Oftentimes Andrew has ear buds in, and deafened by music and podcasts, is oblivious to what’s going on around him. You could outwardly call him a stinky orange-flavored hack and he would be none the wiser.

So, while sitting at his desk, Jim cried out, “Andrew! Andrew!” No answer. Then Kara chimed in from her office, “Hey Andrew! Jim wants you!” No response. Finally, Jim grabbed the nearest projectile, a blue Sharpie pen, and without even looking, tossed it over his wall, past the walkway, into Andrew’s cubicle, striking him on the head with impeccable aim. Finally Andrew responded calmly, “Yeah?”


ADwërks’s Nerf Brand Intercom System

This is not an uncommon occurrence at ADwërks. Someone tries to get the attention of another who has ear buds in, and they get ignored. And that’s when one may resort to throwing random objects found around the office – sometimes pens, other times Gorilla Snaps, but those objects are clunky and unpredictable. We needed something faster, more reliable, and more agile, something that would unmistakably get the receiver’s attention, like a gun! But apparently busting caps in an office just to get someone’s attention is looked down upon, and against those employee rights and protection law things or whatever, thanks a lot ObamaCare… So a Nerf gun would just have to do.

There Andrew was, ear buds in and typing away, like so many times before, blissfully unaware that Jim was packing heat. A dart bounces off the wall in his cubicle. Another whizzes past his head. Yet he remains oblivious. A third dart ricochets off the book shelf and hits him in the face! Only that time Jim didn’t actually want anything, he just wanted to shoot Andrew.

Ever since the cushioned communication device has been implemented at ADwërks, interoffice communication has improved significantly, although we may not be able to say the same about office morale.

As for the next steps in this groundbreaking communication system, ADwërks is looking into obtaining a Nerf bazooka or something with rapid fire for urgent messaging.

Try it out in your office!

Disclaimer: ADwërks is not liable if you try it out in your office.

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