ADwërks Gains Brave Intern

We’re on our best behaviors again, which means that we have a newcomer in the office. We found ourselves a Fall intern from Augustana University (or rather, he found us) and we couldn’t be more excited because we know those Augie scholars are pretty awesome. We can’t wait to introduce him to the day-to-day tasks (i.e. coffee) and get him acclimated to the activities that ensue the agency life. To break the ice and loosen things up a little for our newbie, we’ve provided him with our Office Bingo Card. The only rule to Office Bingo is, “Thou Shall Not Holler False Bingo.” Good luck, and Welcome to ADwërks, Michael.


4 thoughts on “ADwërks Gains Brave Intern

  1. For goodness’ sake…another Mike? That being said, I must agree–most Michaels coming from Augustana University are generally awesome. Congrats to both new Michael and the ADwërks crew!

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