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The best creative in the world doesn’t do any good unless it gets seen by the right people at the right time. Media buying may not be sexy and glamorous, but it is every bit as important as getting the message right.

TV or radio, internet or print, traditional or digital, we buy a lot of it and we buy it well. Sure we were one of South Dakota's first Google Premier Partner Agencies, but what really matters is we’ve got satisfied clients.

If you’re confused about how to reach a splintered audience in an ever-changing media universe, we can help you reach the right customers with the right message at the right time. Streaming TV, streaming audio, paid and organic search can seem like an intimidating world to navigate. Consider us your personal GPS to get you where you’re going.

Media buying used to mean a couple of spots on network TV, a full page ad in the local paper, and scatter a few billboards around town. Boom! Pretty much everyone in town would have heard about your campaign in a few days. We remember when media was as simple as NBC, ABC and CBS. To say that times have changed in an understatement. Not everyone watches TV, at least not in the traditional, linear prime-time way. Something as simple as TV has become extremely complex with broadcast, cable, streaming, programmatic, OTT (Over the Top), YouTube, and more. Now more than ever you need a knowledgeable, informed marketing partner to help you navigate the complex world of video advertising.

ADwërks can help.

Did you know that radio still has the largest reach of any media among most audiences? Yep, according to the good folks at Nielsen about 94% of all adults listen to radio every week. That number has stayed pretty constant over the last several years. But the amount of time we spend listening to the radio has fallen as we spend more time listening to streaming music, satellite radio, and personal devices. Again, it’s a complex marketplace, but ADwërks can help guide you through it.


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