Sara Sullivan

Conceptual Engineer + Associate Creative Director

If we had only one word to describe Sara’s talent, skill and all-around awesomeness, we would most likely choose… impossible. Because really, it’s impossible for one designer to be so good at so many things. As our Conceptual Engineer, Sara not only comes up with great ideas but she then proceeds to make each one a visual masterpiece. In general, we all strive to be like Sara. Which, sadly, is impossible.

Favorite Core Value: Genuine 
ADwërkers are genuinely good people who like to work with good people. We won’t lead you wrong to increase our bottom line. We want to genuinely provide what you need to increase yours. Jim & Kara, our fearless leaders, have continuously proven to me that they prioritize people and relationships. If they (and ADwërks) are on your side, you’ve got people you can count on!