Jim Mathis

Certified Advertologist™ + Agency Principal

When Jim set his sights on becoming the world’s first Certified Advertologist™, most people told him he was crazy. Mostly because the title didn’t exist. But with bravery usually reserved for the slopes of Mount Everest, Jim founded ADwërks and began making clients’ cash registers ring with the power of advertising, becoming the world’s first (and only) Certified Advertologist™ along the way.

Jim Mathis founded ADwërks in 1999, but has been in and around ad agencies and graphic design studios since he was born. He loves advertising and he’s been doing it professionally for more than 30 years.

Favorite Core Value: Resourceful 
Craig Lawrence, one of Jim’s mentors, used to preach “Whatever is required, we will do.” That instilled in him an appreciation for outstanding customer service and a “We can do that!” attitude.