ADwerks named Google Premier Partner

We know it's not polite to brag, but please indulge us this once. ADwerks was just named a Google Premier Partner Agency. Yep, this little agency on the prairie is playing with the big boys. ...continue

A Walk in the Park

Now that summer is upon us, I enjoy taking my lunch and walking while enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown and Falls Park. ...continue
A Walk in the Park   Jul 19, 2017

Shall We SculptureWalk and Talk?

This post could easily be titled, “More About the Adventures of Jim’s Fourth Job,” since ADwërks’ President and Certified Advertologitst™ spends his extra time actively involved with the Washington Pavilion and Downtown SculptureWalk. We’re not complaining though. ...continue

Not to Brag: Part 2

There’s nothing like Springtime at ADwërks! Before you ask, “What fresh hell is there to brag about?” Well, there’s a lot! ...continue
Not to Brag: Part 2   May 12, 2017

Not to Brag: Part 1

This news is so exciting that we had to break it into two parts. Our office is growing again. No, we didn’t add a third conference room, but we’re thinking maybe wMr. Ward Ertze should. We kicked things up a notch and brought in some accomplished talent to work directly with our valued clients. Ward Ertz accepted the position as Director of Client Services, and our clients will be thrilled to work side-by-side with him, creating strategic project plans, driving revenue growth, and building thei ...continue
Not to Brag: Part 1   Apr 24, 2017