Not to Brag: Part 2

There’s nothing like Springtime at ADwërks! Our landscape is getting fresh, our website’s looking fresh, and the upcoming Falls Park Farmers Market has us craving fresh!  Before you ask, “What fresh hell is there to brag Duck Party about?” Well, there’s a lot! Our landscaping is so fresh that even the ducks have waddled over for a party on our turf. We’re fairly confident that’s where the champagne cork came from, but what can we say? There’s no party like an ADwërks party. Even though our party ducks may not be in a row, our HTML pixies sure are, and we’re proud to launch the fresh version of ADwë Go ahead and give us a scroll and we’ll let the website do the bragging for us.

Springtime at ADwërks also means there’s a lot of teachin’ and learnin’ going on! Jim was invited back to Augie to present his renowned advertising sermon of “Make the Dog Drool.” A key note from this presentation, and something that our Certified Advertologist® validates well is “Never stop being a student of advertising.” While Jim was schooling, a few of his ADwërkers were studying and having fun at the two-day Now What? Conferernce held at the Washington Pavilion. Insightful topics included content strategy and delivery, maintaining and improving your website, and aligning strategy with project goals. We can’t wait to incorporate these awesome new skills into our work!

Schooling and Studying

Schooling and Studying

Lastly, but certainly not least, Jim was honored this month with an award so impressive that it’s difficult to put into words. This rare, but famed award sits proudly above his desk, radiating a gold so bright that when the sun hits just right, you might need shades to look directly at it. What is this award, you ask? Well…Jim was honored with Hollywood’s Best Boss Award and it was presented after an ADwërker came back from vacation. Regardless of the souvenir bag, we’re fortunate to have the #BESTBOSS! The post-award celeHollywood Bossbration was held at Beer Thirty.


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