We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist. Is that you?

Are you looking to make your mark in advertising and marketing? Think you’re the next big social media guru? Do you brag about your Google Certifications? We should talk!

ADwerks is growing and we are looking for someone to help us manage social and digital media accounts. We’ve got great clients who are not afraid to test new ideas, so this is a great chance to flex your digital media muscles.

If this opportunity still sounds like something you’re interested in, we should talk. Send your résumé to rodbender@adwerks.com. Tell us what makes you the King or Queen of Social Media. Explaining why you want to dig in and show us that ROI isn’t just a fancy acronym. Tell us what your potential co-workers and clients should expect and any other crazy stuff you think we should know. And don’t be shy in bragging about your Google certifications. If you’re good, let us know!

Hurry up. We’re ready get to work and have some fun. Are you?

Send your stuff to: rodbender@adwerks.com


  • Hand-ons development of digital marketing campaigns
  • Implement digital marketing campaigns which fit client needs
  • Provide analytical reporting of campaigns to coworkers and clients


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Fluency in Google G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc.)
  • Google Ads & Analytics Certifications

ADwerks named Google Premier Partner

We know it’s not polite to brag, but please indulge us this once. ADwerks was just named a Google Premier Partner Agency. Yep, this little agency on the prairie is playing with the big boys. Only a small percentage of Google Partner Agencies earn the honor of being a Google Prepremier-google-partner-RGB-searchmier Partner demonstrating AdWords skill and expertise, having met Google AdWords spend requirements, and delivered client revenue growth, and sustained and grown their client base.

As one of only 3 Google Premier Partner Agencies in South Dakota, ADwërks is being recognized as being one of the best in digital media in the upper Midwest. To earn the honor, ADwërks met Google’s strict criteria, managing large Google accounts, achieving Google certifications and most importantly exceeding industry standards for driving results.

Heather Solberg, director of digital media for ADwërks said “It’s great to be recognized for the work that we do every day. We manage details, watch results and are constantly striving to get better results for our clients. It’s great to see that work pay off.”

“While I’m proud of our team and the recognition from Google, what really drives us is getting results for our clients. The best award we can win is having a client tell us about busting sales records and growing their business.” said Jim Mathis, ADwërks owner and Certified Advertologist™.  “ADwërks has long been known for our media expertise, but I don’t think people realize our strength in digital media. Today, Google is recognizing our expertise in digital marketing.”

Was that too much bragging?

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park Jul 19, 2017

I love working downtown or as the sign outside of the office says “Uptown”. Sioux Falls is growing and I am thrilled that the city has focused on renovating and restoring the architecture and landscape back to its original.

So now that spring and summer is upon us, I enjoy taking mGeesey lunch and walking while enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown and Falls Park. I’ve been working on a walking path that will get me up to 2 miles each day and I’ve finally found it.

Yesterday on our walk, a coworker and I passed a family of geese in Falls Park. The little goslings were in-between their parents so my fellow walkers, bicyclists and general tourists wouldn’t disturb this little family on their walk. The breeze blowing, water rushing and the quietness of the geese waddling towards the water gives you a sense of tranquility. It kind of makes you forget you are walking for exercise!

However, we needed to add a few more steps on our walk to achieve our goal, so we continued on the bike path into downtown, walking by Cherapa Place and the amphitheater. The beauty of the restoration gives you a sense of pride to call Sioux Falls home. We decided to walk across the bridge to Raven Industries and continue our journey along Phillips Avenue admiring the restored buildings and new addition to the former Food Pantry. Rounding the corner on 5th the Map My Walk gal announced that we had hit our goal of 2 miles. It certainly didn’t feel like 2 miles with all the nature and beauty we saw as we walked along.

Thanks Sioux Falls for having the vision for downtown and thanks to my boss, Jim for moving the company to our 5th and Main home.

By Carol Oren

Shall We SculptureWalk and Talk?

This post could easily be titled, “More About the Adventures of Jim’s Fourth Job,” since ADwërks’ President and Certified Advertologitst™ spends his extra time actively involved with the Washington Pavilion and Downtown SculptureWalk. We’re not complaining though. We get sweet perks like having exclusive art displayed outside the office, fun people always stopping in, and most importantly, we enjoy group outings for both organizations. ADwërks proudly supports SculptureWalk by being a site sponsor, providing website partnership thanks to Web Concentrate, and creating print materials for the exhibition. Jim and the team are all about encouraging the arts and opening minds to new ideas.

Muscle Crew Sculpture Walk

Muscle Crew Sculpture Walk

Meanwhile, the pieces for SculptureWalk 2017 have arrived, which means Jim and the crew were busy getting their hands dirty during the installation process. Mounting outdoor sculptures, safely and securely, is no easy task, but somebody has to do it. All things considered, there are perks to being part of the laborious process. The mounting platform is also a meeting place for the artists who create these wonderful pieces, and who actively assist with installation. Nathan Johansen, artist of ADwërks’ sponsored sculpture “Thorns, Bees and Rhinos” was on location to inaugurate his work.

This year’s exhibition is full of surprising and bold artwork that will stop you in your tracks. Literally. Even people’s pets, when they walk by, just stop and look. So, pick your starting point…and for the love of all things local, stop and grab lunch or a beverage at one of Downtown’s fabulous eateries while you explore.

Lastly, we did say SculptureWalk and Talk…not Text. Please be aware of the dangers of texting and walking…especially during the hours of darkness. The SculptureWalk website has further details on sculptures, artists and locations, but keep your eye out for the up-coming brochures, design courtesy of ADwërks and printing by Sisson Printing.

With that said, if we can give you one piece of advice for your Walk: Don’t walk by without actually seeing the art.

Nathan Johansen, sculptor

Nathan Johansen, sculptor



Not to Brag: Part 2

Not to Brag: Part 2 May 01, 2017

There’s nothing like Springtime at ADwërks! Our landscape is getting fresh, our website’s looking fresh, and the upcoming Falls Park Farmers Market has us craving fresh!  Before you ask, “What fresh hell is there to brag Duck Party about?” Well, there’s a lot! Our landscaping is so fresh that even the ducks have waddled over for a party on our turf. We’re fairly confident that’s where the champagne cork came from, but what can we say? There’s no party like an ADwërks party. Even though our party ducks may not be in a row, our HTML pixies sure are, and we’re proud to launch the fresh version of ADwërks.com. Go ahead and give us a scroll and we’ll let the website do the bragging for us.

Springtime at ADwërks also means there’s a lot of teachin’ and learnin’ going on! Jim was invited back to Augie to present his renowned advertising sermon of “Make the Dog Drool.” A key note from this presentation, and something that our Certified Advertologist® validates well is “Never stop being a student of advertising.” While Jim was schooling, a few of his ADwërkers were studying and having fun at the two-day Now What? Conferernce held at the Washington Pavilion. Insightful topics included content strategy and delivery, maintaining and improving your website, and aligning strategy with project goals. We can’t wait to incorporate these awesome new skills into our work!

Schooling and Studying

Schooling and Studying

Lastly, but certainly not least, Jim was honored this month with an award so impressive that it’s difficult to put into words. This rare, but famed award sits proudly above his desk, radiating a gold so bright that when the sun hits just right, you might need shades to look directly at it. What is this award, you ask? Well…Jim was honored with Hollywood’s Best Boss Award and it was presented after an ADwërker came back from vacation. Regardless of the souvenir bag, we’re fortunate to have the #BESTBOSS! The post-award celeHollywood Bossbration was held at Beer Thirty.


There’s a Ton of Sh*t in this (S)hït

To make sure we have access to important materials and information—for personal reference, or in the scenario that someone gets hit by a bus–we have our communal folder called (S)hit. Everyone has a folder within (S)hit. For example: Jim’s Shit; Carol’s Shit; Nikki’s Shit…well, you get the point. It’s a lot of shit. Some people use it for stupid shit. Caryla, however, uses it for a bunch of shit. For your anniversary at ADwërks, Caryla, we’ve made a list of the top ten, elusive file names in your Shit folder. Also, to celebrate, we’re throwing around the hole-punch confetti that we found around your desk. Just kidding…we’re drinking.


  1. Lost Log-in Email
  2. Banana Stamp
  3. Hump Day
  4. The Door to the Room Next to Ours
  5. Wood Wood Stove
  6. Boys & Their Eyes
  7. Snail Hospital
  8. Feed Elves Tree
  9. Boom
  10. Not elusive, but Caryla has a shortcut to her Shit Folder…IN her Shit Folder. (Is this the equivalent to searching for Google…on Google??)


Notes from the Intern

Only a chosen few have been offered internships at ADwërks. We like to call these select few the lucky ones, the cream-of-the-crop, the pick-of-the-litter…well, you get the point. We want our interns to be successful, provide them with motivating experiences and insight, and show them that fun is not just exclusive to Friday’s Beer-Thirty or the holiday party. We asked Michael what his favorite part of the internship was:

“In our meetings, there were a lot of things said…a lot of things from the BINGO card, actually. But, I also learned a lot about budgeting and interaction between companies, while learning the marketing side of things. I want to thank Jim for giving me this opportunity. After graduation, I’d like to travel and eventually end up back in Texas where I want to open my own business. Jim’s story is inspiring, and I like the fun and professional culture here. They have lots of fun and get the work done.”

At the beginning of his internship, Michael was handed a mission:  How will you illustrate your experience at ADwërks? Here’s a glimpse at the Internship Chronicles, a documentary from Michael.

P.S. The big ‘who’s-making-coffee-now’ dilemma has been resolved.


The Art of Not Shaving

It’s been 11 days, 8 hours, and 41 minutes since Jim’s razor went into hibernation, and we weren’t sure if the stubble would abide for the No-Shave movement. We also weren’t sure if Kara was ready for this War of Whiskers, or if a protest would take place behind closed doors. Fortunately, Jim’s whiskers are stepping up their game and starting to look more like a beard and less like he’s homeless. This is great for Kara and great for the cause!

Day 7

Day 7

Day 8

Day 8

Day 9

Day 9

Day 10

Day 10

Day 11

Day 11

The last time Jim put the razor down for an extended period-of-time (and

Jim and Monday

Jim and Monday

wore a kilt) was roughly 16 years ago. No wonder he is getting so many observations on this epic beard!

Follow along throughout the month, as we track his beard’s progress and how much this grooming challenge has raised for cancer research. Remember, Jim will match donations up to $250! We’re very excited about the donations received so far, but there’s still time to seize the opportunity and help cancer research and awareness, by donating https://no-shave.org/member/ADwerkerJim . It’s also not too late to participate in your own No-Shave November fundraiser. Every little bit helps, and it’s never too late to support a great cause. If you would like to participate, but are unable to grow a beard, please take one of our complimentary mustaches and get out there and raise some coin!


Complimentary Mustache

The Nightmare on Main Street

Jim’s ghosts are roaming eight to five,

Dead at Work

And coffee makes them come alive.

The agency now gleams with fright,

Ready for this haunting night.

Married to the handsome Devil,

Kara’s the queen of office revel.

With black magic and a bottle of Boos,

Carol does the work of two.

Back in the office of Sleepy Hollow,

Kirsten summons those that follow.

Despite any competition Hocus Pocus,

Kitchen turned Dungeon

Tyler keeps the client in focus,

And if ideas start falling flat,

Sara’s got a spell for that.

Resting witch-face and potions flying,

Nikki’s magic is copy writing.

Lurking around like Frankenstein,

Mike’s the monster of design.

Beware, if you see a smiling zombie,

Know Caryla’s finally had her coffee.

Office Dungeon

And after Sarah’s cast her media spell,

Her dark magic has results to tell,

Which will summon Kristi from her lair,

To find the best time on the air.

Foreseeing numbers through her crystal ball,

Heather never lets advertising fall.

After Jolene’s mastered her witches’ brew,

She’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too.

So, pick your poison, Trick or Beer,

It’s a Monster Mash when Tonic’s here.

Beware of Zombie in the Basement

Beware of Zombies in the Basement

Follow us if you dare (just not in clown masks; that sh*t is creepy)



Syntax Architect

ADwërks Gains Brave Intern

We’re on our best behaviors again, which means that we have a newcomer in the office. We found ourselves a Fall intern from Augustana University (or rather, he found us) and we couldn’t be more excited because we know those Augie scholars are pretty awesome. We can’t wait to introduce him to the day-to-day tasks (i.e. coffee) and get him acclimated to the activities that ensue the agency life. To break the ice and loosen things up a little for our newbie, we’ve provided him with our Office Bingo Card. The only rule to Office Bingo is, “Thou Shall Not Holler False Bingo.” Good luck, and Welcome to ADwërks, Michael.