A Walk in the Park

I love working downtown or as the sign outside of the office says “Uptown”. Sioux Falls is growing and I am thrilled that the city has focused on renovating and restoring the architecture and landscape back to its original.

So now that spring and summer is upon us, I enjoy taking mGeesey lunch and walking while enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown and Falls Park. I’ve been working on a walking path that will get me up to 2 miles each day and I’ve finally found it.

Yesterday on our walk, a coworker and I passed a family of geese in Falls Park. The little goslings were in-between their parents so my fellow walkers, bicyclists and general tourists wouldn’t disturb this little family on their walk. The breeze blowing, water rushing and the quietness of the geese waddling towards the water gives you a sense of tranquility. It kind of makes you forget you are walking for exercise!

However, we needed to add a few more steps on our walk to achieve our goal, so we continued on the bike path into downtown, walking by Cherapa Place and the amphitheater. The beauty of the restoration gives you a sense of pride to call Sioux Falls home. We decided to walk across the bridge to Raven Industries and continue our journey along Phillips Avenue admiring the restored buildings and new addition to the former Food Pantry. Rounding the corner on 5th the Map My Walk gal announced that we had hit our goal of 2 miles. It certainly didn’t feel like 2 miles with all the nature and beauty we saw as we walked along.

Thanks Sioux Falls for having the vision for downtown and thanks to my boss, Jim for moving the company to our 5th and Main home.

By Carol Oren

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